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by Verónica Gutgar

Baby Alpaca & Pure Silk Obsidiana Tunic

670 €

3/4 sleeveless Dress/Tunic confectioned in black Baby Alpaca + Champagne color 100% Silk. Front and back V Neckline.

Alicante, Spain

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Nuria is 171 cm and is wearing a 38 size.

Product Details

3/4 sleeveless Dress/Tunic confectioned in black Baby Alpaca + Champagne color 100% Silk. Front and back V Neckline. Detail on right shoulder with matte bronze buckle and ribbon. Side openings. 

Composition: Baby Alpaca + 100% Silk.

This is a truly timeless, versatile and highly elegant piece because of its minimalist cut. 

Baby Alpaca is one of the three best fabrics in the world together with Vicuña (used solely by royalty) and cashmere wool. 

It is the wool obtained from the first shearing of these animals, producing superb quality without sacrificing the animal in any case. This fiber was used by the Inca culture royalty since ancient times. The exclusivity of baby Alpaca lies in the fact that there currently exist less than six million of these animals in the world. 

Baby Alpaca wool is appreciated for its elasticity and strength, and is also very light and easy to wear. It is heat insulating and maintains natural body temperature. 

Another property it possesses is that it doesn’t burn unless directly exposed to fire. 

It repels dust and water, and its thin natural layer of lanolin makes it waterproof. It doesn’t absorb body odors perfumes. 

All these properties give this wool outstanding durability and conservation properties. 

The Obsidiana dress is crafted under the guidelines of Haute Couture, where finishing handwork plays a very important role, making every piece unique. 

With thanks to the Destroy firm for cession of footwear. 

This product is made in Alicante, Spain
by Verónica Gutgar


My name is “Verónica Gutgar” and I am a conscious and sustainable firm.

I was born with the purpose of offering an alternative to all women who value and have interest for things made well and with care, where details are relevant, where the hand leaves its mark instead of impersonal machines, where the use of quality natural fibers is valued, respecting nature and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. For all the women who seek and are able to recognize exclusivity, quality, design and craftsmanship, qualities incompatible with that high speed train that is fashion as we know it today; uniformed, laden with stress and slavery.

The workshop where all the pieces in this collection are born and created is located in my city of origin, Alicante, on the East coast of Spain. It’s a beautiful place, luminous and with strong creative energy, and it’s there I myself gradually bring to life each of the garments I will present you.

Product breakdown

100% Total net price of the product

45% Production gross cost

50% Designers gross income

5% NoFirm gross income

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